One Anniversary Ale

ABV: 8.5% | IBU: 21


Draft | 22oz Bombers

And there came the scarlet tart American Wild Ale, which bore pineapple and vanilla, and talked with me saying "come hither I will show unto thee the fornication of Montmorency cherries, bacteria and yeast in thy white oak foeder." So she carried me away in it's pleasant heat full of complex mystery and tannic idolatry.

The logo was developed from the conjured images developed during the research of our company's business name. 7 Hills is the oldest nickname of Dubuque, predating the popular Key City name, and fact checked by Loras college center for Dubuque history. During a couple google searches, a repeating motif emerged under the images icon: Catholic conspiracy theory. Most likely developed by extremists in a world insulated by alternative facts, a quote from the book of Revelations was stated, "The whore of Babylon came riding in on a beast of 7 heads." We offer excellent public Wi-Fi, go ahead, google it! The creative department developed the 7 Headed monster label with the images derived from the biblical excerpt as a way to utilize art to imitate life, or at least, the life perceived from the minds of those casting judgement on women. It is no secret that most religions have denigrated women as subordinate to men. Utilizing grain to go against just that, this beautiful paradox reflects Mother Nature, provider and sustainer of all life's essential essences, which, is poured elegantly into every glass. We aged this unique and well-balanced brown ale in a robust oak barrel to add yet another layer of depth and complexity to reflect the scarlet harlot. Enjoy this glass of HEResy as we usher in a new age of alchemical transformation. Prost!